Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maddox Goes to the ZOO

We headed to Abilene over spring break to visit Mozzi and J-pa. Maddox got to play his first game of Putt Putt. Maddox and I teamed up as he was strapped to my chest while we putted. We dominated the family. I need to take him out to the golf course to line up my putts.

The next day we packed up and prepared Maddox first his first visit to the zoo. Kate got dressed him and lathered on the sun screen.

Maddox was loaded up in the stroller, he put on his ball hat and was ready to go.

Maddox loved to spending the day with his Mozzi.

Maddox and I got to feed the Giraffe. We sat on the bridge as he stuck his long purple tongue through the fence and ate our crackers. I thought Maddox would be so excited. When I looked over at him he was playing with another little girls hair.

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