Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maddox @ 15 Months

15 Months has brought on a lot of new adventures, a bigger personality and lot of fun. Maddox loves the Park. Climbing and sliding are our favorite things. I also like wearing Dad's hat now.

Mom has introduced Maddox to Crayons. He loves to color.  They color almost everyday.  We tried play dough, but he wasn't a big fan.

Daddy and Maddox love to play.  We are hanging out in the boys only ingloo tent with our best friends.  Maddox's new thing is jumping out and saying Booo!  He has also learned the frowny face.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Granny and Grandads.  I loved playing outside and swinging on the swings with Mom. I always yell "Weeeeee"
His jacket is covering his Tony Romo Cowboys Jersey!

Maddox plays with the dogs all the time.  He chases Koda and runs around screaming with her toys.  He throws the tennis balls to Chloe.  Chloe has finally given in and started dropping the balls in front of him.  His favorite thing is to give the dogs treats.  He gets so excited.

Maddox: Ice Ice Baby