Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Maddox @ 15 Months

15 Months has brought on a lot of new adventures, a bigger personality and lot of fun. Maddox loves the Park. Climbing and sliding are our favorite things. I also like wearing Dad's hat now.

Mom has introduced Maddox to Crayons. He loves to color.  They color almost everyday.  We tried play dough, but he wasn't a big fan.

Daddy and Maddox love to play.  We are hanging out in the boys only ingloo tent with our best friends.  Maddox's new thing is jumping out and saying Booo!  He has also learned the frowny face.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at Granny and Grandads.  I loved playing outside and swinging on the swings with Mom. I always yell "Weeeeee"
His jacket is covering his Tony Romo Cowboys Jersey!

Maddox plays with the dogs all the time.  He chases Koda and runs around screaming with her toys.  He throws the tennis balls to Chloe.  Chloe has finally given in and started dropping the balls in front of him.  His favorite thing is to give the dogs treats.  He gets so excited.

Maddox: Ice Ice Baby

Friday, October 30, 2009

A Wylie Halloween

Maddox experienced his first Halloween friday night in downtown Wylie. All the businesses open up with Candy and the whole town shows up to celebrate. Maddox dressed up as monkey. He looked so Cute. He even made friends with an elephant and a pumkin. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Maddox Walking

Sorry, it has been a while since I have posted. I need to catch everyone up with an eventful summer. We have pictures from lake Grandbury all the way to Laguna Beach. Maddox has changed a ton and was a lot fun this summer. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful child. I will catch you up with the summer shortly. I couldn't pass sharing this with you right away.

Maddox took his first couple steps yesterday. He walked just a couple feet to get to the couch and then again to the laundry basket. He has been standing on his own for about a month now. He loves to stand up and clap with a big smile on his face. We set up a camera so we could catch Maddox in the act of walking. It is a good video even though Koda always thinks she needs to be the center of attention. Here it is, hope you enjoy.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maddox with his bat!

Another fun video showing how much of a happy baby we have. He also loves his bat and ball. I see a ball player in my future.

Maddox Laughing

I just thought I would share a fun video of Maddox laughin with you. Both Kate and I love to laugh, play and have a great time with him.

MaMa! ........................Finally!

Maddox brought tears to Kates eyes as he finally started saying MaMa yesterday. It was long awaited as he had been saying DaDa for about 3 months now. Duck was his second word. MaMa is his third. Yeah Maddox!

Maddox Walks and Says Hi too!

Maddox has taken to his walker. We got it for him last week. He does well on it. He is also kind of starting to say Hi. You will have to hear it for yourself. Enjoy

Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday, April 20, 2009

Watch Out World, Here I Come!

Hanging out Around the House

We have enjoyed just hanging out around the house lately. Maddox got a taste of his first peach. He eats a frozen peach through a net pacifier. He loves it. Maddox also loves the computer. He is a typing pro, just can't spell yet. He gets that from mom. He is also sitting up now all by himself. He is getting to be a big boy.

Easter Sunday, The Egg Hunt!

After a good Easter Sunday service at Highland Oaks Maddox got to attend his first easter egg hunt. Due to the weather all festivities were held inside. Maddox was a pro at picking up the eggs. He thought the egg was the prize as you can see he tried to eat every egg he picked up. Doesn't he look cute in his plaid pants.

After Church we had Easter lunch at Aunt Jill's house. I got to eat lunch with my Mimi & Pappi, Granny & Grandad, and My Aunt, Uncle & cousins. It was a good time with great food!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Maddox First Swim Video

Garland Stock Show

We took Maddox to the Garland Stock show. He loved the pigs. Maddox also got to meet and pet a 3 week old baby goat. He was so cute. On the way out Kate let Maddox stop and smell the flowers.

Maddox's First Swim

We took Maddox to Lifetime fitness for his first swim. He loves swimming. He smiled the whole time and splashed around the water. Kate and I pulled him around the pool and passed him back and forth. Maddox will definitly be a water baby.

Maddox gets a Cookie

Mom told us that Katie and my favorite treats growing up were these long cookies. She had to send us home with our first box of bitter biscuits. When Kate and I got home we decided to give maddox his first taste. We never knew how messy they would be. We put him in his high chair and let him finish his cookie. We the had to finish him off with a bath. Maddox loves the bath. We bath him in the sink. Every time we walk by the sink he get so excited. He starts breathing real hard and shakes his arms up and down.

Maddox Goes to the ZOO

We headed to Abilene over spring break to visit Mozzi and J-pa. Maddox got to play his first game of Putt Putt. Maddox and I teamed up as he was strapped to my chest while we putted. We dominated the family. I need to take him out to the golf course to line up my putts.

The next day we packed up and prepared Maddox first his first visit to the zoo. Kate got dressed him and lathered on the sun screen.

Maddox was loaded up in the stroller, he put on his ball hat and was ready to go.

Maddox loved to spending the day with his Mozzi.

Maddox and I got to feed the Giraffe. We sat on the bridge as he stuck his long purple tongue through the fence and ate our crackers. I thought Maddox would be so excited. When I looked over at him he was playing with another little girls hair.

Monday, March 16, 2009


I hope you guys enjoy the video. Maddox first word. "DADA" He has been saying for the last two weeks. Its been fun. I think mom is a little jeleous but that will come before you know. Hope you enjoy.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Maddox @ 6 Months

Maddox Loves Bath Time. Can't wait to swim at Mozzi's!

Maddox just started eating baby food. He insists of feeding himself.

Mimi, thanks for the highchair!

We are still a bit messy. We are working on that.

Weekend at Mimi's & Pappi's

We had a great time celebrating my 28th Birthday.

Thanks Katie and Dave for the wonderful evening!

Friday, January 30, 2009

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Check out my Cool New Kicks!

This is Maddox's first day to to were shoes. He sported them all around town.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

5 Months

Our Maddox

Maddox's learning to eat

Maddox's new Hat